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House Arrest & Disobedience by Sumeet Grover
House Arrest & Disobedience. ISBN 9780993031519. Smallberry Press, London

Violence against women in their own homes is an epidemic in India; it is hidden from neighbours, rarely reported to police stations, and left out of national statistics and the media. If it were a criminal offence to emotionally and physically abuse a woman, then we have all shared a neighbourhood with criminals for years, without acknowledging them.

This violence is not restricted to women: it also extends to their children. What kind of lives do they go on to live? How do they become so captive to this routine that they accept it to be a fact of life? Whilst the phrase ‘Domestic Violence’ is readily dismissed in India, this book creates a new perspective of looking at this phenomenon by naming it House Arrest.

We humans are filled with powerful paradoxes, one of which is suppression and resilience. Even in times when our individualities, bodies, beliefs or human rights are suppressed, we carry a surging resilience within us. It is this resilience, called in the Indian nonviolent tradition asSatyagraha:Disobedience.

Through the intimate lens of poetry, House Arrest & Disobedience exposes the daily realities of the survivors of this violence and the lives of people who continue to live under its decree.


“There is much to be admired in the strength of the poet to carry the heavy burdens of his subject matter and deliver it in a way that makes the reader get a glimpse of the beauty in human suffering.”
Betty Kituyi, Ugandan writer, science communicator, researcher and teacher; winner of the BN Poetry Award 2012

“In every poem Grover writes he is holding a mirror and asking us, the readers and his community, to dig inside our souls. That is the true role of poetry; Grover’s poems are true to the art.”
Theresa Wolfwood, Canadian writer, activist and author of poetry collection Love and Resistance

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